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  1. Sujata Bajaj

    Born 1958 - Jaipur Education First Class First in Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts (Art and Painting) Ph.D. in Fine Arts :Thesis on Indian Tribal Art Studied at Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, Paris Born in Jaipur, Sujata's parents perhaps recognised her immense talent at a young age. She says, "My mother who is my teacher, friend and counselor taught me not to take part to win, but also learn and have fun while doing so. "After school in Jaipur, Sujata moved in with her brother and his wife in Pune and joined the SNDT College to post graduate in Fine Arts and Painting. She held her first show at the Bal Gandharva Art Gallery, Pune, in 1978. At one of her exhibitions somewhere in mid 1980s, Sujata met painter S H Raza, who describes her as, "one of the best young talents around, someone who is very clear about her concepts in art." In India, she had been working on a thesis on tribal art, living in what she calls "an extraordinary milieu, one peopled with ancient heritage and myths." Sujata Bajaj spends her time between Pune, Norway and Paris.

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